10 Daily Posture Exercises for Seniors

This is a useful video with 10 gentle exercises for improving the posture of seniors. Quite a number of these exercises can be done just when sitting on the chair watching TV or when looking at the computer.

The exercises involve moving and strengthening the muscles in various parts of the body like the neck and shoulders – areas that are easily neglected on an everyday basis. For example, the first exercise stretches and strengthens neck muscles to keep our heads up instead of drooping towards our chests.

These exercises also have interesting names like “Turtle” or “Hold Your Horses,” which not only evokes a smile, but helps remind us of what the simple exercise is all about.

Having proper posture not only helps us look better, but keeps us feeling younger and stronger. It strengthens us both physically and mentally. Doing these daily movements also helps us stand and walk in a balanced manner, thus preventing accidental falls and slips.

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